by - April 21, 2017

And just like that.... Coachella 2017 is over! Every year I'm so surprised by how quickly it all goes by. This is our third year in a row going and we always end up leaving with only more excitement about returning the next year!

It's always hard to pick a favorite performance because there is such a variety of genres and acts to check out. My top three favorites were Lady Gaga, Dillon Francis, and Lorde (see how different those are?!) Gaga is, well, GAGA - her ability to entertain is just simply amazing. Dillon Francis was great at engaging with the crowd and kept the energy high; I'm not a huge EDM fan, but DJs live are so fun to be in the crowd for! He performed in the Sahara tent which is an experience in itself: think crammed, loud, and light shows. You have to let go of any concept of personal space. Lorde sounded exactly the same in person as she does on the radio, aka talented AF. I was in awe of the presence she brought to the stage and how she captured the audience's attention. Among my other faves were Glass Animals (I lied, they make my top 3 in to a top 4. Dave Bayley performed with a broken ankle and still sounded amazing), Tove Lo, The XX, and so many more!

We got to see guest appearances from Drake, Pharell, G-Eazy, Wiz Kalifa, Lauryn Hill and Migos just to name a few. It actually became a joke between a lot of people at each show about how Migos was going to make another guest appearance, because they kept showing up during different shows. Tyler was joking that they should have just had their own set with how much stage time they ended up getting 😜.

We decided to try the VIP passes this year instead of the general admission that we have bought the first two times we attended. Before we decided to pull the trigger on VIP, we went back and forth A LOT about whether or not we should do it. The pros: you get 3 separate areas to go in to, a separate entrance, and that's about it to be honest. We have opted for car camping every year, and after seeking out the VIP entrance, we determined that it actually took more time to get from our campsite to the VIP entrance than it would have to just go in the normal way. The VIP entrance is on the Yellow Path, so if you are coming in from the drop off area it would be super convenient. Now, the exclusive areas that GA festival goers don't seem like it would be all that worth it, but they totally were. It was during Day 2 that we were sitting in the beautiful Rose Garden and talking about if we should pull the trigger yet again for the following year, we came to the realization that it really was worth it. Especially if you are camping on-site, it was awesome to have a shady, way less crowded area to hang out in for a couple of hours at a time instead of fighting other festival-goers for the limited shade in the common areas. The only con for me: it is very expensive - we are talking more than double the amount of a GA pass. Considering that all you really get for the price tag is exclusive areas to hang out/eat/drink in, it seems like too much. When we first purchased, I was under the impression we would also get to go into the reserved areas in front of the main stages, but it turns out those are for friends and family of the bands. I'm pretty sure we will end up getting VIP again, even though it is pricey! The ability to relax in the midst of the craziness made it worth it for us in the end.

When it comes to the car camping - I think it is a must for the first year you go to make sure you get the entire experience. I remember being so awed and excited by all the energy going around the entire campsite. From the moment you get out of the car, everyone is so friendly & ready to have a carefree weekend, and you get the chance to meet all kinds of new people. The first year we camped, we had a group of friends from London next door, and people from an hour away on the other side. We would all sit and chat whenever we all happened to be back at the camp, and it felt like we had all known each other for 2 years instead of 2 days. Car camping is a great way to get submersed in the Coachella culture and I highly recommend it! That being said, you have to be able to put up with poti-potties and mobile shower trailers. If you aren't a good sport about it, then you are in for a rough weekend. Lucky for me, I'm not the type of person that is bothered by these things, and I was able to overlook it and have fun despite the not-so-lovely hygiene situations. When it comes down to it, they keep the showers very clean and the port-potties as clean as you can get them - which I'm always super grateful for! Last year, I got to attend Stagecoach as well and was spoiled by staying at a resort instead of camping... and now I prefer the resort. I'm not against car camping; I still love it, but I am also still in the process of convincing Tyler to splurge on a hotel instead next year ;)

Again, the hotel is an expensive option, and car camping is relatively cheap when you compare the two. If you want to make a ton of new friends and have the option to easily access your stuff throughout the day - camp. If you want to have a real bed to sleep in and a shower that you don't have to wait in line an hour for - go for the hotel! I think both are great options; it just depends on how much you're willing to put up with.

This year I was super unprepared than in my previous years of going, as in a had pieces 2-day shipped from Asos to the hotel we stayed at the night before setting up our campsite. Ridiculous, right? After bringing what seemed like half my closet, I settled on outfits that were lightweight and easy to stay cool in.

Typically, I would put a lot more effort in to my outfits, but April snuck up on me this year and before I knew it, I had run out of time! My outfits weren't exactly what I had in mind, but I think they still turned out nicely anyway :)

Day 1
I wore a black bodysuit and hat from Asos, printed-cloth shorts from Target, black sandals from Urban, and a silver necklace from Mura Boutique.

Day 2
I wore a Palm and Pink printed dress from Show Me Your Mumu, a simple brown suede charm choker, and fringed booties. 

Day 3
I wore a simple black dress from Francesca's, the same silver necklace from day 1, and the same fringed booties from day 2.

Overall we had such an amazing time and I'm super jealous of everyone at Weekend 2!


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